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Don't use exceptions for control flow in TrySetPropertyValue

TrySetPropertyValue has a 1000x worst-case performance thanks to the use of exceptions. I did a small experiment with 1M objects of mixed types where TrySetPropertyValue fails half the time and ...

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Methods() does not flatten interface hierarchy

Hi to all. I am trying to get all methods in an interface (including base interface methods) as mentioned in this post: interface IBaseInterface { void SomeMethod(); } interf...

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Stop polluting intellisense!

The aspect I most hate about Fasterflect is that it pollutes intellisense way to much! It would be nice that I would be able to write something like: object value = ... var inspect = value.Insp...

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How about adding a .NET 4.5 build in nuget?

Simply copy and paste to build.bat at line 11 and change to 4.5.1: [Edit: I think 4.5 might be sufficient, and better than 4.5.1, but 4.5.1 worked for me.] You guys are a tease with your net45 f...

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Bug in EmitHelper

In class EmitHelper you have a bug in conv_ovf_i4 property: on row 1340: public EmitHelper conv_ovf_i4 { get { _ilGenerator.Emit( OpCodes.Conv_Ovf_I2_Un ); return this; ...

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Operation could destabilize the runtime

Here the code that throws typeInfo.Type.CreateInstance( _unitOfWork) and the Type is defined like public class Analysis : BaseObject, IAnalysisInfo, IAnalysisInfoTestable, ISupportInitialize { ...

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Difference in Nullability of Value-Type Properties can Cause AccessViolationException when Mapping on 64-bit Systems

We have discovered a bug in the Map functionality that can, under certain circumstances, crash the application process with a System.AccessViolationException, presumably due to bad IL. Obviously pr...

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Latest Nuget (2.1.1) not working without .NET 45

There seems to be some problems when building on a machine with .NET 45, even if build target is set to .NET 40. Was not able to run application on machine without 45, got this error: Method not ...

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Setter Nullable types

Hi, Not sure if this is really an issue ... But want to inform SetPropertyValue is not working on Nullable types when the setter has a 'value' assignment. public int? Test{ get; set; } // wor...

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Add unit tests for generic method lookups and invocations

We currently do not have proper unit test coverage for these scenarios. Updating the documentation once done would also be appropriate.

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