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Stop polluting intellisense!


The aspect I most hate about Fasterflect is that it pollutes intellisense way to much!
It would be nice that I would be able to write something like:

object value = ...
var inspect = value.Inspect();
inspect.(all methods that Fasterflect provides)

The reflection types extensions are ok though, but you shouldn't have so many object extensions.
I'm aware this would break the current API so you would need to release a new major version.


mertner wrote Nov 19, 2014 at 9:26 AM

Given that this would be a breaking change without any real benefit (as I see it), it seems unlikely that it would ever happen. However, you are free to grab the code and modify the library to suit your needs.

That said, the Fasterflect extensions should only show up in Intellisense if you have included the Fasterflect namespace (with a "using"-clause). If the methods bother you, refactor your code to only perform Fasterflect operations in particular code files. That way, you can control where the methods are available and be rid of them elsewhere.