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The Fasterflect core functionality is all about improving the experience of working with reflection, whether by making querying a more pleasant and powerful experience or by speeding up access to type members through light-weight code generation and caching.

As such the library was created to make it easier and faster to work with reflection. This is important because reflection, when used correctly, allows you to create very simple, generic solutions to what would otherwise be tedious problems. For instance, your boss may have tasked you to make every business object be convertible to XML. Rather than adding a ToXml() method to every business object you want to create a single, generic solution to the problem that works for all objects. Reflection is the tool needed to make this possible, whereas Fasterflect is the tool that improves the development time and execution speed of such solutions.


The following lists the features in Fasterflect that have been built on top of the core functionality, and as such are prime examples of how you might use Fasterflect in your projects.
  • Advanced Object Construction Functionality to construct instances without knowing which constructor to call
  • Deep Cloning Functionality to create deep clones (with circular reference handling)
  • Object Mapping Functionality to copy fields or properties between object instances

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